Chanel Iman For Rosa Chá (Or How To Make Swimwear Ads Unsexy)





A few considerations for whoever is responsible for the Rosa Chá ad campaign:

1. Chanel Iman for the third season in a row? Really??? If the idea is casting a foreign model, I can list at least twenty girls better suited for the job. Now if the idea is to book a black model, I can solve that problem in two words: Laís Ribeiro.

2. Matching the print of the dress to the actual plant that inspired it is not a clever concept.

3. We all know Chanel Iman has the same range of facial expressions as Jesus Luz, but the deer in headlights stare in every single picture of the campaign is almost disturbing. It's as if she is a rich girl with autism who put on a bathing suit and got lost in the garden.

4. Who is Chanel hiding from in the last picture, and why is her thigh almost as thin as her arm?


Just horrible , the "i have cramps" pose ,the blank expression. But Laís Ribeiro ... to solve the and I quote "he idea is to book a black model", really?. I wish they would find a black , flavorful , Brazilian model. And I'm sorry Lais is great and all but in my opinion she's not a black model , she mixed... like a agent said in a short documentary called The Colour of Beauty, of black models "a white model dipped in chocolate."


my words exactly. wtf? one word.

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