Too Cute For Monday: Carlos Ferreira


18-year-old newcomer Carlos Ferreira represented by Ünique in Brasília. View more pictures after the jump.




All pictures courtesy of Ünique Model.


18 years old? Damn. So young and so hot.


My god,18 years old?With such a defined body?Well he sure knows how to show his assets..

he is like the god Apollo
better variations on jewelry and clothing could have been done; like ancient indian or inca or aztec ethnic outfits, even if imaginary
the blueish tint, if deliberate, doesn't go well as it's not a natural skin tone; pointlessly detracts from beauty
the happy trail should also go if he's shaving
still very beautiful

Paultac is a kvetch & a pedant. Download and you can tint this Yum-Yum any color you want. Another Fantastico Brasileiro from a veritable cornucopia of Bellissimi --- surely the most beautiful male population in the hemisphere! Evviva Brasil!

The "boy" is a true vision!

What a beautiful face!

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