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Junior Arruda at 40 Graus Models in Rio.


I'm generally not one of those queens who oogles over every single picture of a male that you post on this site. However, this model has one of the best natural physiques I've seen in awhile. Not jacked on steroids like most queens enjoy and not an androgynous twink. Perfect example of a lean, muscular physique.

Yes,this is a natural physique,right?It's almost anorexic,he needs gym.
Too bad you're not a queen like us,what a shame!

this boy is flawless.

I have to work out later

Loving this guy !!!

"Anorexic"? Such a dumb statement! Swap 'Anorexic' for 'Athletic' & it's a perfect description. Great body, not unlike many of the guys often featured here ... perfect fashion model body.

GORGEOUS! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! This man is so naturally handsome and desiring!

Andrea get a sense of humor,I was replying to the first idiotic comment.

Beautiful body...similar to Carlos Freire's.


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