Gratuitous Carlos Freire Post

Today is national holiday in Brazil, children's day, and also my birthday, so I decided to take the day off, relax a bit, and do a little shopping. Here is my children's day gift to you.






Never enough Carlos!

...and Happy Birthday!

It's my bday by the way. Thanks for the gift and happy bday for you!

Happy birthday! You deserve lots of gifts for making us readers so happy with what you post. :)

Happy Birthday, have a lot of fun today. And I couldn't thanks you enough for introducing me to the world of gorgeous Brazilian men... :)

If this is the post we get when it is your day off, take as many days off as you want. LOL Feliz Anniversario

great shots but hes overdressed

Nice toy! Happy Birthday!

Let me add greetings and thanks, belatedly by four hours, for my favorite daily website in the whole world, without which life would feel barren. The eye candy is breathtaking far more often than not! And downloads threaten to usurp the gigs left on my hard drive [no double-entendre intended]. Long may you wave---so we can wave back..

Have an awesome, ginormous birthday and thanks for showcasing all things beautiful from your beautiful country!

sorry im late =P! happy bday!


Feliz Niver pra ti! E nossa, vc faz aniversário e a gente que ganha presente!!! rsrsrs Creio que te conheço um pouco pelo jeito de escrever e de acompanhar o site já há algum tempo e te desejo tudo de bom! Abração apertado!!!

Legal, mas sempre de cabeça baixa. Why???

What a super-wonderful vision to have before you 24/7 on your special birthday. Hope you have a fabulous festa!

I always found it delightful to have a holiday to honor the children and the teachers of a given country. I've been in Brazil on both of these days, and as a former teacher myself (now retired)--I, too, was honored by my independent guides in celebrating this very special and necessary profession.

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