Arthur Sales, Model, Reporter, And Soccer Fan

Arthur mentioned this video to me two weeks ago while we were shooting in New York, and I am glad that Fashion TV finally posted it. In it, he interviews Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2, and watches a Brazil World Cup match with a few Brazilian boys I am certain you will recognize.

Just how cute is he?


Could that bar be ANY hotter?? Seriously, who'd you rather- Arthur, Marlon, or Max??

Plus who's the barbie girlfriend? Or girlfriendS?? xx

oh my god,i just died,that have to be best bar oh whole world.marlon is soo sexy

He is adorable. I don't care if he is straight, I love him. Thanks so much for making another shoot with him for MIB magazine #2.

Answer: VERY CUTE!

If I had Arthur and Evandro in front of me, it would be a tough decision to make, but I would ultimately grab Arthur. He is cuter, with an innocent and happy-go-lucky smile, that can melt any heart. He has the most beautiful lips I've ever seen in a man. I hope he will pose nude for MIB mag #2.

I was the only one who noticed Lauren Brie and Clark from America's Next Top Model Cycle 11?

Rafael, your answer is probably.

Who would have noticed them with Arthur and Marlon and a bunch of other beautiful Brazilians around? Peace!

But now that you mentioned it... Arthur and that Lauren girl? Really...

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