Watch: A Day In Milan With Arthur Sales

Fashion TV followed Arthur Sales around for a day during the spring 2011 men's shows in Milan. Love that they used a lot of images from the blog in the intro.


"Good vibes", Arthur! He is so gorgeous and carismatic!

he photographs extremely well

He is the cutest ever. I think he has the most beautiful lips in the world.

The brazilian models, man and woman, are the best. Arthur is a incridible model, he shoots very well and can create different faces.

He doesn't sound gay... I'm shocked.

If I ever met him, I would give him a hug and thank him for bringing beauty to the world. We all owe him this.. :)

He's absolutely gorgeous, and radiates such an ease, and comfort with his masculinity. That's so rare with many male models.

2 minutes and 18 seconds in and already I'm all smitten with Arthur! He is just beautiful! Wonder if he tweets too... ;)

Arthur is truly beautiful, very masculine,
and at total ease with the camera.

And how pleased I am to see that he
rates a new Mercedes.


All my expert Gaydar tells me that he
is str8! What a disaster. What a total
loss to our noble community.

I haven't shed this many tears since I
tragically learned that my (former)
World Heroine--Edilson the Ecstatic--
was/is, gulp, str8.

What is our Wonderful Gay World coming

I may have to contemplate Hara-Kiri.

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