Vintage Mateus


I know this is very random, but I saw this picture of Mateus Verdelho taken by Cristiano Madureira back in 2005 and just had to post it. He looks completely different without all the tattoos.


He looks so twinky and so adorable there!

Completely different e.g. a lot better.. :-/

I like him with more muscles, as he is now. But the tattoos had a negative effect on his beauty, I think. He looks better with the immaculate look.

Oh, the good ole days!!

he was nice but he looks SO MUCH SEXIER now, tottally my type

I guess tattoos are a question of taste. There are some men to whom tats are a perfect fit and enhance their sexiness. There are some men to who tats detract from their sexiness (not to mention bad haircuts and overuse of the "juice"). Honestly, I prefer the "before" look to the "after" look of Mateus. Maybe a sexy tat like the one that peeks out above his shorts. But all the others, they're just too much. Too bad. He could have been a really hot guy.

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