Too Sexy For Monday: Evandro


Evandro Soldati is in this year's list of the 50 Sexiest People in Brazil compiled by gossip magazine Istoé Gente. An exclusive shot not featured in the magazine after the jump.


All pictures by Cristiano Madureira.


Evandro is sexy for any day as well as for any occasion! Handsome--sexy--sexy--sexy--hot, hot, hot!!!

I love a man who is proud of the hair on his chest and hasn't shaved it.

I never, ever get tired of looking at Evandro, he's gorgeous!

If he would deep-six the chest hair and pluck
just a little between his eyebrows, I would
elevate him to the company of Edilson Nascimento
and Carlos Freire. Not to mention Antonio Sabato,
Jr., et al. Evandro is, in a word, splendiferous.


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