The Spring Collections In ffw Mag! (Part I)



The new issue of my favorite Brazilian fashion publication is already out on newsstands, with 42 pages of the best looks from the Brazilian spring/ summer 2011 collections, styled by Paulo Martinez and photographed by Fabio Bartelt. I scanned some of my favorite pictures from the editorial to share with those of you who do not live in Brazil or have access to the magazine. View more after the jump.





Make sure to get a copy of ffw Mag! #21 if you can. More coming tomorrow.



Pictures look amazing!
But I gotta say, it's kinda disappointing that Clockwork Orange is the main inspiration for Alexandre's collection.
Hasn't the fashion world, or simply the world, payed enough tribute to this movie?
I know it's a classic and yet it's modern and Stanley Kubrick"y".
But it's like every single artist/designer/movie maker/cult junkie wannabes needs to do "something" inspired by C.O. We're living the clockwork orange surplus! Ahhh SO FRUSTRATING!
I went completely out of topic...
So... LOVE the pictures, but even those are unoriginal, it's very much like GQ's yearly editorial "The Best Menswear Designers in America." check it out!

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