The First Mister Diversidade Brazil is Victor Abdalla


22-year-old Victor Abdalla from São Paulo, pictured on the right, won the first ever Mister Diversidade Brazil pageant on Monday night. He received a R$ 5,000 cash prize, along with an editorial in gay publication A Capa.


Hehe, hunks in trunks - NICE!


Victor looks great, glad he won! A little short though. Mr. Paraiba looks FAKE, he's off my crush list now.

From this pic----Victor would NOT have been my choice! I prefer the second man from the left!

I like him at the first look. He's absolutely gorgeous n he also has a warm voice. Love him!

Mr Paraiba's muscular pecs are super yummy! But Sao Paulo's hottie Vitor is the perfect winner...WHAT A STUD! In the video (later posted) I love his voice, energy, attitude and his masculine sexiness...Bravo!!!

Mr Paraiba's pecs look like implants.Plus nose job, face lift and cheek implants. Sorry, plastic : not attractive

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