Stalking Fiuk



We are totally going to be stalking him now that he got a much cuter haircut: teen actor and singer Fiuk at a photoshoot yesterday in Ipanema.

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FIUK is an extraordinarily beautiful young man. But we must be very
careful about how we pronounce his name. Is he called simply "Fiuk"?
Nothing more or less?

He reminds me of such beauties of yesteryear as Sal Mineo, et al.
Astonishingly gorgeous. But he must be told not to pose with that
lethal cylinder in his hand. That is a terrible example for youngsters
who might want to imitate.

Even so, he will be most welcome to my grass shack in Ipanema whenever
or however he wants to arrive--cigarette in hand, tons of hair on face or head,

He will be greeted with open arms.

Liking the haircut.... Would like to see more meat on those bones!

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