Additional Copies Of Made In Brazil Magazine In New York


Just wanted to inform you guys that Global News on the corner of 12th street and 8th Avenue in the West Village has received an additional shipment of the first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine, so make sure to stop by there later today or over the weekend and pick up a copy. 

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Wow, I just love that picture - it's one of my favourites from the book, he's got a gorgeous body!

Who got it, got it. Now we just have to wait for number II.

wish you had told us NYers you were doing this to begin with - could have saved us all the expensive shipping costs from Brazil!

That is a terrific photo. Great body, great hair under the arms, on the tummy and further along.
Good luck on your first launch issue!

I went to get my copy last Sunday but they told me that they were sold out, but that they were going to get more. I have been calling every day since then but they say they have not got it. Are you sending more copies?? Please say yes :)

The additional shipment sold out in a day. We did send more copies, and the last shipment should be getting there in a week.

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