Jesus Luz Drops The Towel In A German Commercial

The "Jesus" in the end was very cliché, but I think that is the best he's ever looked.


"the best he's ever looked"...Yes,but still he does not look even the half of good than models like Arthur Sales every single day...I was just watching the fiting of the clothes that Arthur wore on the A/X ad and I was like wow I never saw a model look so good on a fiting without make up,lights and photoshop.
So I guess that the best I can say about Jesus Luz is that Arthur Sales rocks :P

Here he looks strange,maybe some postproduction?
I agree about Arthur.That guy is simply amazing.

he looks very uncomfortable... if his modeling is poor, his acting is even worst.

jesus hasn't looked good in a very long time ... but he looks scrumptious here. very sexy.

Aff... he even SWAYS like an ape. Someone please put this guy out of his (and our) misery.

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