Going Straight To Photoshop Disasters


Something about Aline Weber's face looks very creepy on the cover of the October issue of Brazilian Elle. The retouching is so bad it doesn't even look like her, and the fact that she lost her left hand makes it all even worse.


Pegando carona no posting Photoshop Disaster eu gostaria de fazer uma sugestão. Por favor, dê um jeito no logo desse blog. Esse Mande in Brazil, dourado, com essa textura e iluminação está muito jeca. Essa fonte é feia demais. Essa curvinha entre o R e o A é de matar.

Vai de Helvetica mesmo, vai ficar muito melhor.


Couldn't agree with youmore. I am totally over the logo and the design, which is why the blog is undergoing an extreme makeover. Expect a completely new layout soon.

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