And That Is How Diego Miguel Stays In Shape

Freaking amazing.


the twirl was unbelieveable. freaking amazing indeed.

Just imagine the things he can do in bed!

wonder how he learned to do that... in a gymnastics gym?

Dear Diego, I'm afraid you might destroy your beautiful head doing those things. Please don't do them again.

i agree with Lawrence. i'm concerned with his beauty integrity ;D

WOW !!! very impressive.

Many Kudos to Miguel. He is a beautiful
man and an amazing gymnast. Incidentally,
his resemblance to British actor, (openly
gay) Rupert Everett, is also amazing.

Finally, a postscript to Miguel: If you
insist on doing all this dangerous stuff,
do it on on a thick carpet like gymnasts--
not on hard concrete. You may hurt yourself,
kid. You could break your head, and that
would break our heart.

This is beyond amazing! Diego is beyond amazing! How does he do it? He's got the balance of a cat, always landing on his feet. Que tengas cuidado, querido Diego.

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