You Know Nicole Kidman Didn't Have To Fly To Rio To Shoot This

She didn't have to endure the fear of being kidnapped or hit by a stray bullet, but she at least had to learn a sentence in Portuguese to cash in that million dollar check she probably got to advertise a new mall in Rio.

Video via Katylene.


what sentence? She never even opened her mouth! how ridiculous! Why does nicole kidman pretending to fly to Rio make me want to go to this mall (that she has never been to)? I don't even understand...

The newest of malls in Rio de janeiro are indeed fabulous. In 2007 I went to the elegant one in Le Blon. The architecture and basic design and the displays were beyond belief. I went just to see and be part of this and to admire!

I agree with kb regarding Nicole's ad! I liked it, but she DID NOT have to be the one to entice one to go to this mall! If I manage to return to Rio de janeiro for my 8th trip during the 2000's-- I'm going to this mall as well as to THE WEEK, a venue I have yet to go into!!!!

Shopping CidadeJardim parte dois? I mean if your gonna have an insane commercial for a mall, I guess I would pick Nicole kidman over SJP. Nicole looks like gisele next to that goblin that SJP unfortunately is rsrsrs.
Mais um shopping (do Alto padrão) pra Barra!!!!

"endure the fear of being kidnapped or hit by a stray bullet"????????
That's exactly the standard procedure with celebrities here in Rio, NOT!

You just forgot to mention the monkey we would give her as a present. Come on!

This just shows the economic power has no interest in any cultural development. We brazilians are fond of these tacky shopping malls, and celebrities and fake perfect bodies, and all that stuff. Shame on us! Nicole is just doing business, she does not even care about Rio, that's true.

^ well I don't know if i would call this shopping center tacky (unlike barra world-look it up- it has a fake Eiffel tower that is vomit enducing), but I have to agree that we brasileiros are rediculously materialistic. Got to go buy my new Louis Vuitton wallet now. Tchau!!!

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