Too Hot For Monday: Felipe Martins


Felipe is on his way to New York this week, and is honestly one of the nicest models I have ever worked with. Hope there are lots of great tings coming his way.

Picture by Cristiano Madureira.


I´m just love him!

Felipe is the most incredible model, friend and person I've ever met!
He has all the potential and certainly will rock in these lands!
Hope to see you soon , Fe!

It's not just a beautifull model but a wonderfull guy with a god heart

He´ll represent Earnest in Ny!

wow, he is perfect. Look at those nipples, the body, the face. Delicious.

Felipe Martins is the man... and the model too!
I'm sure he will be very successful in NY and possibly in many other countries.
He has been showing everyone during his carrer his great skills and his character as well.
Good luck Felipe during this new journey and we are all cheering for you!

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