This Is What Mariah Wore This Weekend In São Paulo



You'll think I am crazy but what bothers me the most is the sheer fingerless glove.

Watch clips of Mariah performing We Belong Together and I Want To Know What Love Is at the Barretos Festival on Saturday night after the jump. I Want To Know What Love Is spent 27 weeks at #1 on the Brazilian charts.

Videos via Papel Pop.


Pra Barretos, ta otimo.

I think she is pregnant.

I LOVE MARIAH...but did her LUGGAGE GET LOST ON THE FLIGHT??? you DO NOT show up looking like you're going FOOD SHOPPING MARIAH..or just ROLLED OUT OF BED or was THIS a REHEARSAL???...maybe because IT IS JUST BRAZIL!..but give us a bit of glamour PLEASE!!...NO NODS for the way she was is an offense to your fans Mariah..I HOPE YOUR LUGGAGE DID get lost, cause that is the only explanation I would accept...OR even go shopping for an outfit for that show...there ARE stores in Brazil!!

BUT I ADORED THIS LAST ALBUM!!....THAT, you CAN NOT take away from Mariah!!



Yes, Mariah is pregnant. This made news some weeks back but DOES NOT excuse her from looking like hell while on tour, especially in fashion-conscious Rio de janeiro.

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