The New Edilson?


Meet 21-year-old newcomer Maikel from Leopoldina, Minas Gerais, represented by Elian Gallardo. Love that he already goes by his first name only.




He's pretty hot. Have no idea why he's being compared to someone else, though.

They both were discovered by the same agent, and they look very similar to me.

muito bonito, mas é até pecado comparar com Edilson lindo Nascimento.


maikel 's face is more mature than Ed's one.

I'm calling it an upgrade. Wow, he is really gorgeous. It definitely confirms my theory about boys from Minas... The best-hidden secret for the cutest boys in Brazil.

"Have no idea why he's being compared to someone else, though"

In modeling it's pretty normal. Every model resembles another model, another 2 models, another 3. Many of the Brazilian guys have similarities with other Brazilians, with Americans, with Europeans, with other South Americans. Beauty [within the fashion industry] is a pretty narrow spectrum - you're going to have many guys & girls who look alike.

He is perfection. I find him sexier than Edilson and maybe even sexier than my favorite Brazilian male model, Andre Ziehe.

No way! Edilson is much hotter and more beautiful.

The new Edilson? I don't think so. This guy looks ten years older.

This guy looks older,but is better.He has flavor,Edilson is quite savorless in photos.And this face is strong,the eyes intense,opposite to puppy's eye of Edilson.


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