The Making Of The Colcci Ad Campaign With Gisele And Gianecchini

You sort of wonder at what point all the sexiness in the video and all the fake sweat in Reynaldo Gianecchini's arms turned into one of the worst ad campaigns of the season in Brazil.

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Yes the ad is quite terrible,but he's still so sexy and charming.I fell in love with him with 'the boy'photoshoot,but I can see he's sexier now.
I'd love to see new photos of the nude.

I remember Giovanni Bianco giving a brief interview during the Colccis' presentation for summer and stating that the campaign was going to be very simple and minimalistic. Despite the awful designs, the bad styling and so on...I am very disappointed at Bianco with the end result. If he got rid of those earrings and styled the hair differently, and told the label to select a celebrity in better fit and that knows how to pose the end result would've been phenomenal. Now why do we see that and they, the people who are doing the campaign, don't?

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