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Dutch model Rinnus Johannes, currently at 40 Graus in Rio de Janeiro.


Really? This man is not up to made in brazil standards. First, he is not even made in brazil! This not made in the Netherlands!!

That's unusual, I don't understand why a Dutch model would have representation in Brazil. With an E.U passport he can work anywhere in Europe ... strange to bypass the fashion capitals of London, Paris & Milan for Brazil ...

I like him.

Brazil...Netherlands...Mars...who cares? There is always room for a drop-dead gorgeous hot man! Uber-lindo!!!

Brazil sends models all over the world they are well treated everywhere but when a foreign model comes to Brazil we treat him with hostility? Friendly Brazilians huh!

I think he is different than what we have been seeing in Brazil lately and that's why 40 Graus saw the chance and grabbed it. More power to 40 Graus that is more interested in promoting beautiful models beyond borders than worrying about petty protectionism that doesn't add anything positive.

@Sammy I am with you, Dutch, Brazilian, who cares? If the model is beautiful I am all for it!

@Leandro He is not bypassing the European or American market, the model has done editorials and campaigns all over the place. I was fortunate enough to meet him in the 40 Graus party on Saturday and speak to him. Personally he is dazzling, nothing like these polaroids. e is here only for a short stay. He was booked directly to be together with Loris Kraemeh, the new faces and bodies of Ki korpo in Rio. The campaign was done in Angra and shot by the fabulous fashion photographer Felix Dasilva, that has shot all the big top models and some very trendy campaigns and editorials in Europe I added Rinus on Facebook and he has some amazing pictures! I can't wait to see the campaign when it comes out towards the end of September!

He is really drop dead gorgeous! He is as hot as it gets. I have seen him in campaigns and editorials in Europe, he is amazing!

I think he is a real hunk! incredibly masculine looks, perfect chiseled body but still very natural looking, all proportional, very strong face expression and features, he is a bomb! I say he stays! ;-)

Is this guy real? He is HOT HOT HOT! I want him to do a private show for me! lol

I hope he breeds here in Brazil, we need more of these Dutch looks around. What a piece of hunk he is! I hate when Brazilians get jealous of other models, that's so unnecessary. I totally agree with Mario! We should receive all models coming to Brazil with open doors and a warm welcome! Just like ours are received everywhere they go! Rinus Johannes you are most welcome, I hope you feel right at home!

He is really handsome! Congrats to 40 Graus! You guys really know how to pick your models! More power to you!

So what that he is handsome and has a perfect body? We should not accept models from outside of Brazil taking jobs of our models here, that's not fair I think!

KLVMGT what is all this hostility! Brazilians have always had a reputation for being welcoming towards foreigners and don't forget we have more Brazilians moving out then foreigners coming in. I hope he has a wonderful time in Brazil and yes he is delicious in a very jock macho way, I love that! ;-)

Hats off to 40 Graus! The model is beautiful! Rinus is very handsome!

I love the swimshorts, beautiful! Are they from Ki Korpo too? LMAO

Well. This is just a bed picture! The model might be good but his eyes look very tired anyways.

Oh my! The Bofe is wonderful! What a pair of legs, what a pair of chests! What a masculine face! He is the type that make women melt and men jealous! He is all that and more! Sergio e do babado!


...too skinny and pallid. I, too, think that this young man DOES NOT belong here!

On viewing this guy carefully for the third time, I do find something attractive about him-- his face as well as his features above the waist. ...nice chest area!

Eddwarm - Too skinny too pale? This is a bad polaroid of a tired version of him. The guys is a Greek god. His body is all perfection, his face is really amazing. Wait until the Ki Korpo billboards come out, you will see a total different Rinus, the guy is amazing. I wonder when 40 Graus is going to release some great pictures of him!

I think he does belong here. Much more than some of our own national product that are not so good. He is beautiful! And his grandmother is Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, which makes him partly Brazilian anyways in spite of not being made in Brazil himself so in part he is very much the product of the "Brazilianizing the world" concept because he is the direct result of it! ;-)

Welcome to Brazil Rinus, I hope my nation will treat you well and that you prosper there!

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