Representing Santa Catarina In The Mister Diversidade Pageant


21-year-old Anderson Porto will be representing Santa Catarina in the first ever Mister Diversidade Brasil pageant in São Paulo on September 6. View more pictures of him after the jump.




The airbrushing in the pictures is beyond awful, but the kid is pretty cute, right?

View pictures of all the other candidates at Mister Diversidade Brasil.


Nice pouty lips. Very cute.

very cute!

I wonder why he was airbrushed to death? Did he have some kind of skin infection? You can see some bumps on his skin in the first pic, the black and white one. But he is definitely cute tho.

G some many cute boys around and that is what they come-up with!! Not even photoshop could save him,
imagine what he really look-like!!

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