I Got A Dog!


Don't worry. I am definitely not going to become one of those bloggers that annoys you with a million picture updates of their dog, but I got a puppy over the weekend, and he is just so freaking cute I felt posting a picture. His name is Oliver.


His is champagne colored and so cute I want to hug him. What kind of dog is he?

BTW, MIB, I wanted to ask you if you have any forecast for the publication of the second MIB magazine. I am terribly addicted to it and I need another shot.

He's a welsh corgi pembroke. They are not very common in Brazil but there are a couple of breeeders in São Paulo.

I want to buy a dog for me too. I would have to choose between the Boston Terrier and the Welsh Corgi.

He looks adorable. Congrats!

He looks like he is thinking: "what are you doing with that thing on your hands, daddy?"

So So Sweet and Queen Elizabeth has many also a friend of mine!

so cute xD

OMG. So cute. Congrats.

he's adorable and I like the way he looks at the camera...

Oliver is really cute!

Oliver is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen! :)

Che carino!! :D

Awww, he'd adorable!

So cute...Is he adopted?


OMG, he's so cute! If I am your neighbour, I'll love to kidnap him (^_^)! Love his feet!

sooooooooooo cute!

Definitely wouldn't mind MIB to be flooded with pics of him. <3

he is so cute I want to cuddle him NOW!

Yes you will become "one of those bloggers", but that's OK. He's adorable.

I just got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi 4 weeks ago! He's adorable, too, and his name is Churchill. Oliver is precious! Congratulations, and good luck!

P.S. The vet techs call Churchill a 'little piranha'. They're such nibblers!

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