Dear Naomi, This Sure Looks Like The End Of Your Career




Another tragic example this season that supermodel alone is not a recipe for a successful ad campaign. The styling is atrocious and there is no art direction. I am surprised no one was hit  to death with a cellphone after those images came out.

And here is something for a lot of Brazilian labels to think about for next season: if you are going to book a high profile super expensive model, then please hire a major photographer, art director, and stylist to go with it. Otherwise chances are you will end up with something similar to the pictures above.


Was it shot by Eduardo Rezende again?

Ixxi maria... Amateurs!!!

I agree, it is too plain, too passionless, without meaning, art-less. But she is still stunning to see. I've seen much worse than that. But the fact remains, they wasted a lot of cash with the cow and forgot to hire the good milkmen.

Looks like self taken(with timer) pics well a little more lookbook and less myspace but still look amateur looking

looks like an ad for a K-Mart Sale :) LoLS

well said, I thought these photos were shit as well.

i agree. these photos aren't impressive & don't do the clothes justice.

however!! so many photographers, designers, camera crew, or whomever it may be, must be scared to work with this diva!! i know i would stay the hell away from having an argument with her.

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