Marlon Teixeira And Natalia Vodianova For Forum




I thought for sure the Forum summer 2011 ad campaign photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and styled by Patti Wilson was going to be the best ad campaign in the country this season, but now that the ads are finally out I have mixed feelings. As much as the pictures are obviously great, when I look at them I just cannot avoid thinking of the Armani Exchange summer 2010 ad campaign shot by Matthew Scrivens that was plastered over every single billboard in New York for the past couple of months. Is the Forum ad campaign super sexy and beautifully done? Yes, but why would you shoot a campaign that looks a lot like something which has already been done a season before and even book the same male model for the job?



Above Forum summer 2011 and A|X summer 2010. Coincidence?


Too much "references"! But I like it. Cannot get enough of Marlon.

I can see real chemistry there. He must be straight.


I just saw it yesterday at the Forum website. I liked it a lot. And yes it does look a lot like Armani Exchange and the splash of watercolors all over the images also references to a Pepe Jeans campaign that Bianco himself worked on. You should also talk about the TUFI DUEK campaign. Very interesting result and proof that the right casting and the right models make a difference. Also there was a black model as part of the cast.

love anything with Marlon, but if you compare the photography, the AX campaign wins hands down. Much better than the spilled paint in the forum campaign....

"Oh, Marlon! Where art thou, you handsome devil you?"

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

could there be a " NEW CONCEPT " for this kind of campaign ad...BORING & REDUNDANT!!! This is a " BEEN THERE ! DONE THAT " thing since the Kalvin klein days! and when was that ???? Year !@#%*&$#@!@$...WISHFUL THINKING !!! PEACE:-)

I forgot to mention...since you're comparing Forum's campaign with Armani should compare the new Calvin Klein Jeans campaign with Lara Stone with Forum Fall/Winter campaign. They look very similar.

They are similar, yes, but Natalia really elevates things. And they have such great chemistry together. So, yes, while similar, I much prefer this. And there's no such thing as too much Marlon.

At the end of the day, it's Forum, not something . I think it's effective for that brand.

I was thinking the exact same thing that MIB wrote as I was looking over the photos. Not very original! Just one more boy and woman slithering over each other on a beach. Whooptie doo! I actually saw Marlon up close and in person in front of the Coffee Shop in NYC a few weeks ago.. cute, but looks like a real boy in person. :) And by the way, what's with all the photos of topless 18 year old boys on this site... doesn't MIB like real men?? :)

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