Furniture By Rodrigo Almeida




Perhaps because of my new apartment and my move to São Paulo, I have become really interested in furniture design over the past year. I have not seen yet any of Rodrigo Almeida's pieces in person, but he is one of the new Brazilian designers that I find myself mostly interested in, possibly for the fact that there is a certain street art quality to his work, his unusual mix of materials, and of how cool everything he does would look on my concrete floors.

To view more of Rodrigo Almeida's work, visit his website. A video of his Desmontável chair after the jump.


What's a hipster to do in Rio? Are there any clubs with cool music? Contemporary art galleries? Independent record stores? Vintage clothing?
Please help!!!!

Reminiscent of the Campana brothers work. The Campana 'Favela Chair' has to be one of my favorite pieces of modern furniture, it's amazing.

It is not my style, I tend to be conservative and classical. But I can see how you fell in love with these designs. Very innovative, beautiful and without sacrificing comfort.

Fantastic works of art which I would have displayed in my townhouse as "art only" and not use for everyday seating!!!!!!!

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