Casting Day At 40 Graus Models


Agent Sergio Mattos emailed me pictures of a casting session yesterday at 40 Graus Models in Rio. View more images of this six-pack extravaganza after the jump.







All pictures courtesy of 40 Graus Models.


Why isn't Bernardo Velasco shirtless? I don't like this post. lol

i think none of them have potential ...

i think all of them have potential... am such a slut.

it's really tiresome to notice that brazilian ethnical diversity is NEVER truly represented on their model agencies...
only TWO black guys and ELEVEN 'white'?

The TWO black models are the cutest, along with the one next to Bernardo, the rest are unappealing, bland and look to old for their age. Gigio is correct, you need more ethnic diversity, or send them boys out for a tan.

so thin! are they hungry? I want to see muscles, real men!

Looks like it was a very good day.

Why there is always someone complaining that there is not enough black guys. get over it!

On the contrary, he shouldn't get over it because it is an accurate reflection of Brazilian societal values, which are shared by many western nations and not only Brazil vis-a-vis race. If it is a reflection of market taste, then it is in the best interest of Brazil to bring their large Afro-Brazilian citizens into the middle class to support the need for more models of color.

I've already stated it, so I'm over it victor.

Daniel Broitman is so ripped! I love it!
About the racial comment, well... only 7% of the people in Brazil are "black".
And just from looking.. I can tell that 5/6 other models are mixed ethinic.
So that would be 7 white, 6 multi ethinic and 2 black guys...
And that's pretty much proportional to brazil's population in this case, but i'll have to agree that most people in ads/tv/fashion are white. I wouldn't say that this is racist, but race related, because is due to inequality in brazil and who is part of the market target (mainly white people) for the announcers. and now THIS is a shame.

Oh how one misses the great days of
Carlos Freire at 40 Graus Models.
None of these skinny also-ran's are
anywhere near his league. Yuck.

can i join

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