Arthur Sales By Samuel Zakuto In EY! Magateen


And here is his interview from the magazine:

What do you usually have for breakfast? Cereal with milk, fruits, and juice. What would you like your future job to be? We never know the future... What's your favorite perfume fragrance or cologne? DSquared Wood. What's the one thing you like most about Brasil? The beach! How do you feel when you see yourself on video? I feel like I wanna do it again! Do you like being on camera? Of course! I like my job! Are you religious? Yes, I believe in Jesus. What's the worst thing about getting older? White hair... Did you enjoy working with Samuel Zakuto for EY! Magateen? Yeah! I felt good, it was real fun.


His only fault is believing. But I still think he is perfect.

Henry Miller used to kiss himself after a very good meal, as if he were saying: thank you my body for giving me so much pleasure.

Arthur does the same, but he kisses himself after doing a photoshoot, or after watching himself.
I would do it too, if I were him.

The more photos we see of Arthur in underwear, the more certain I am that the boy is just enormous . . .-ly talented.

"the more certain I am that the boy is just enormous"

If you look at behind the scenes videos on Youtube etc.. it's glaringly obvious many of his recent shoots have been 'enhanced' by either photoshop or socks!

I don't care if he is huge or not. I just NEED him.

Size doesn't matter....does it?

To me, size doesn't matter at all. I couldn't care less about it. Beauty and loveliness are more important.

big or small i feel like he'd know how to make you feel good

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