Are Alessandra And Jesus Now Also Advertising Apples?



The pictures above may look like an unusual promo for the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives, but they actually happen to be part of the summer 2011 ad campaign for Brazilian accessories label Chenson. According to Quem, the theme of the campaign is temptation, but in my world that does not  justify the cameo by the red apple or the casting of Jesus Luz for the ads. After all, his name is Jesus, not Adam. And since it is an accessories label we are talking about, I recommend that the people at Chenson opt for exposing their products in the ads next season. Everybody else does it, and it seems to work.

I thought the national ad campaigns this season couldn't get any worse, but I guess I was seriously wrong.


apparently luz doesn't own a razor..

please tell me these are outtakes

I don't get it model agencies area always with beauty consultors seeing how they can improve the look of their models but that doesn't seem to be the case of Jesus Luz and his agencie ,he is not bad looking but that beard and that shapeless haircut make him look terrible,somebody should tell him!
Alessandras beauty and grace as always but the whole shoot seems pointless...

¿Where are the accesories? ¿The apple is the accesorie? ¿Why do you book a super model like Alessandra Ambrosio and the most famous taxi boy of the moment to advertise your accesorie line and don't show it in the shoot?

Doesn't it look like those pictures taken by friends in clubs or out at a park and post on FB, and they sort of ham it up, and then you look at the girl doing the model mouth pose and you think to yourself, hey she could be a

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