Alessandra Ambrósio Is In Five Brazilian Ad Campaigns This Season


Thought Alessandra was the sixth highest paid model this year because of her VS contract alone? Think again. Counting the ad campaign for Miele jeans which hasn't been released yet, Alessandra Ambrósio is the now face of four Brazilian labels for summer 2011, and she is also branching out to other products. She recently signed with Dellano home furnishings as the new face of the company, meaning her bombshell-ness also has the power to sell kitchens in Brazil.

View more of Alessandra's ad campaigns after the jump.




From top to bottom: a behind the scenes look at Miele jeans, Ozmose with actor Diego Cristo, Bo.Bo, and Dellano. The ads for Chenson with Jesus Luz were posted yesterday.



I don't know. I'm not impressed by the ads in Brazil this season. What's going on?

Brands are relying on the models alone to sell the product.

These ads are like jokes...worst look like mexican ads (I'm from México I should know) they only kind of work because Alessandra

When it comes to success in the modeling industry it's more about what jobs you turn down rather than the jobs you accept. When models start lending their name/designing furnishings or cheap jewelry, flip flops, writing books & all that other commercial rubbish it can really put in jeopardy the name they've built up for themselves. They should stick to fashion, film/tv & charity!

And please don't tell me whoever was the creative director of the Ozmose campaign didn't have the Gucci summer ads in the back of his head? It looks like a very cheap knock off version. Indoor pool; plastic chair and expensive model...make it work. At least she looks the most different than in the other ones where the make up and hair are styled pretty the same way.

not impressed.....expected more

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