Speedo Sunday


From the new issue of Junior magazine.


GREAT mustache! Great denim speedo...who is the designer? One question though....why the need for a cigarette?? It looks disgusting and only detracts from the image. Anyone else think this? Smoking is SO last century.

I THINK that denim is made by Rufskin.com but I may be wrong...and yes I have seen MANY cigs in people's mouths, lately the WHITE dude that was on hunk of the day site... with the red shoes from one of those vamp movies..was Kellan Lutz getting fitted for a Trojan movie of sorts and he's PUFFING away the entire time...totally disgusting...and to have a BODY AND SKIN like his..will not last a very long time

was from that hunk of the day site that there's a link to all the pics of him smoking on set

I agree with the disgusting thing. But what can we do?

In South America it still is last century.

...good looking "thick" man, but that cigarette immediately came to my mind once I viewed the photo. ...agree with the other writers-- the cigarette has got to go!

Some people like to smoke. Period. You don't like it, fine. But, for some who smoke occasionally, it is an adult pleasure. I wonder how many cig-prudes here smoke the other stuff or pop a few pills before going out to party? Hypocrisy. Smoking is what it is. Ask somebody who lives near an industrial site which is worse, cigarette smoke or industrial toxins.

This model looks a lot like American actor Gary Sinise with a moustache.


a gorgerous flashback in the seventies.............

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