Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Arthur Sales By Greg Vaughan (Part I)



When photographer Greg Vaughan sent me those new shots of Arthur Sales earlier this week, I seriously almost had a heart attack. I am a really big fan of Greg's work, and I made the decision to save the images and post  them today so that you guys would have all weekend to stare at them. View more after the jump.










Arthur Sales is represented by Major Model Management in New York.

Please do not repost this story in its entirety. Limit image usage on any other site to 1 to 2 images. Images must be accompanied by a working link to this post and photographer credit. All images copyright Greg Vaughan.

Many thanks to Greg Vaughan for sending the pictures. Part II is coming on Monday.


Wow, I love the buffer look Arthur has right now, he has never looked better! I think the more manly look of this spread works even better than the usual boyishness from before.

OK, don't hate me, but I've spent the last year or so trying to figure out what everyone saw in this guy. NOW I see it. These are amazing! Compliments to Mr. Vaughan!

Woah .... Arthur is packin'!

I thought he was hot before .. but now I think I'm actually in love.

Love how he is maturing. *drool*

he's been packing more meat.

Hands down,those are beautiful.I especially love the black background,because he comes out in a powerful way.I must say that he's becoming a supertop day by day.Yes he's manly here,and god even hotter.
(there's one thing that I'd do to him,but I cannot say what,it's a public blog;))

Lucious you know what!

He's starting to resemble Channing Tatum.

I can´t wait to see him when he's, like, 28 or 29 y.o.

Arthur's pics have been posted here 3Xs this week if I am accurate. These polas, esp. #'s 1,3,4,6,9,10, and 12 are indeed impressive, sexy, and beautiful--bringing out the Arthur's handsomeness immensely!

Arthur should *always* keep a couple days stubble going! These are the best shots I've seen of him. Congrats to Greg + Arthur, and thx MIB!

Bernardo's spot as my all time favorite MIB sweetheart may just be a little threatened now.... Part 2 please!

If only the eyes were evandro's, the rest has become super-brasileiro, and oh so beddable in my fantasy dreams.

I Love his new "manly" look...

it looks like arthur makes the same face all the time

I would have to agree with Kenn. I never really saw anything so special about Arthur...until now. These photos show a masculinity and buffness that was lacking before.

FINALLY he looks interesting!


I just have to agree with the other commentators... this is the best photoshoot Arthur has ever done! Before I always knew he was gorgeous, but he seemed a bit bland... the photographer did a tremendous job in finding a degree of personality and sexiness in Arthur that I don't believe any other photographer had been able to capture! Just stunning... a supremely beautiful man as interpreted by a true artist!

Lord have mercy! Having been a fan of Sr. Sales ever since the start, I am really impressed with how he just gets more handsome each time I see new fotos of him. Greg Vaughn really knows how to shoot Arthur well. These are some damn fine pics of one gorgeous man.

zoolander feelings.

Lindo demais! E com essa barbixa ficou com mais cara de homem. Adorei.

beautiful! finally... I agree with the comments above. He looks manly now. Perfect body. Why does he photoshop the scar on his forehead? At least he should photoshop all pictures or none.

It's slightly distracting that he looks a lot like Nick Lachey in some of these shots, but he still looks amazing!


Vote for Arthur as the best physique model of 2010 here: http://daily.gay.com/lifestyle/2010/07/eye-candy-midterms-physique-model-of-the-year.html

this boy has grown! a lot!
remember the first pictures of him wearing Speedos. was a nymphet.
in this case I think I can say that bigger is better


zoolander feelings [2]

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