Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Arthur Sales By Greg Vaughan (Part II)



Can you think of a better way to start the week? View more of the second set of  exclusive pictures of Arthur Sales by Greg Vaughan after the jump.







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thanks for the great pics ... hopefully there will be more :)

More than enough motivation to get to the pool! Thanks!

Omg!....more Arthur!

What's going on with the fisting bandana?

thanks so much for these posts. hottest pics of Arthur I've seen. fantastic abs - I wondered how much was airbrushed. But that side shot says it. Those are for real!

So sexy.. Last photo was the best for sure, u can see that he's more mature and a grown up man on that.. Adorável!!

seriously ... he has never looked soo good ..

He was a boy before .. but is now a MAN .. hot.

Nice sequel to Part I. Hopefully, there will be a Part III as well!


If looks could kill I would have been dead at Part 1. Part 2 would just be like beating a dead carcass.

I don't think there's photoshop in those shots,they seem quite natural.You can almost touch him,see the texture of his skin,so I think the photos are untouched.And again he's so beautiful,I've never seen him so attractive.And I didn't notice that great nuance of green in his eyes.
The last shot is perfection.Tell us there's a part three with less clothes..I'm bold I know,but I want more of him.He kills me.

From what I've seen, Arthur has quite a package, and it's pretty consistent among various photo shoots. He's got quite a future as a model!

...succulent! ...delicious! ...mouth-watering! ...gorgeously eye straining!

I guess what I REALLY love about guys like Arthur is not just that they are hot and sex and beautiful, but that they aren't shy about showing off their bodies. I mean, really, he gets a photo shoot by a leading photographer (who I think is gay, but I'm not sure), and he strips down to his sexiest underwear fully knowing that these photos will be seen mostly by gay men. Years ago, everyone pretended that these were photos "for the ladies", but now even that pretense is gone.

You have to be very comfortable in your own skin to show yourself almost totally naked and know that guys are checking you out. We've come a long way, and life is so much better. Thank you Arthur!

good balls, Arthur. lol

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