Arthur Sales By Dean Isidro



And I hear that Dean Isidro also shot a video with him. Can't wait to see it.




A beautiful young man. He's far too international to pass for American but the pictures are great.

What does international even mean? He's gorgeous, but looks like he could be from Illinois or New York. Brazil is probably the last place anyone would even imagine him being from. Lol

"He's far too international to pass for American"

Obviously. Because the 300 Million + in the U.S are ALL blonde & blue eyed! I could probably find a model from each Western country that looks like Arthur. He easily could be American, Canadian, Northern European, Southern European, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Northern African, South African, Australian, New Zealander & of course South American ... Like many models he doesn't look like he's from one particular country, which is part of his appeal when it comes to international brands/magazines etc..

Now these photos are more like it for Sr. Sales. I especially like the ones that are on the left side of this montage! (...wish he had the flag turned in the correct way in one of his pics, though!) -:) -:)

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