Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Arthur And Tamiris For Armani Exchange

You may have already seen an image of the Armani Exchange fall 2010 ad campaign which leaked over the weekend, but here is a super exclusive first look at new campaign shot by Matthew Scrivens, featuring Brazilian models Arthur Sales and Tamiris Souza Freitas.





AThe 2020/ Speed Style Armani Exchange campaign for fall was shot over three days on location on a soundstage in Brooklyn, and will launch in August, 2010, with a series of color images that break in major national media, print, outdoor ads, and online.

Rugged and sexy. I absolutely love it, and am thrilled that Made In Brazil got an exclusive on it. Expect more on Arthur and Tamiris tomorrow.

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So hot.. I want that jeans, awesooome!

tamiris is so lucky 1ste she gets to be all over marlon and now arthur
i envy her lol

arthur has changed alot in the past few months i have to ge to this more rugged version of him but he's sexy as always

Arthur continues to show his versatility as a model. He gave this spread an almost sci-fi quality with those abs of his.


Lovely Arthur is going for the top. But I didnt like this spread so much because he is frowning and looks older. I like to see him smiling or with his mischievous look.

this is so sexy

2 hottest guys on the planet + hottest designer brand in the market = s.e.x. (as far as a/x can go anyway)

Lucius Vorenus, he always frowns. I guess that's his signature expression. By the way, the second picture of him looks extremely like Channing Tatum!!!

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