The NYT Goes Model Scouting In Brazil


Today's New York Times goes on a scouting trip in the south of Brazil, and talks about a recurring theme here on the blog: the lack of working black and ethnic models in the country. I highly recommend reading the article.

And while we are on the topic of model scouting, we have spent the past two weeks looking for new black and ethnic boys for a story in Made In Brazil Magazine #2, and we could not find any new models with the agencies in São Paulo. It is almost embarrassing that the top modeling agencies in the country do not invest  their time and money in finding and developing ethnic boys, but it is still the reality here. It is actually difficult for agencies here to develop new boys in general (the latest crop of Brazilian boys including Max Motta, Francisco Lachowski, and Arthur Sales was developed by European agencies), but we am trying to get more involved on the process especially now that we have the magazine as a platform to launch new kids.


This is partly a result of the fact that the Brazilian industry seems to export more models than it does fashions. That being the case, the export market's tastes will over-affect the look and color of the product. Too bad the NYT only scratched the surface of what's going on here. I think it's time that the Brazilian fashion industry stopped being so myopic and "old Brazil" in its thinking and started to do the harder, more fulfilling work of competing in the global fashion industry, while recognizing the increasingly sophisticated tastes and demands of average Brazilians here at home. Stop with this inferiority complex and start celebrating who we are and what we can do.

I'm so happy to read this post. I hope international model scouts will come to Jamaica as well. Thanks for sharing this.

"more fulfilling work of competing in the global fashion industry"

As much as that's a nice idea it's something that will take years. Just look at the fashion houses in Paris & Milan, the Couture houses ... They've been built over decades, if not hundreds of years. Avant-garde fashion magazines? ... Just London alone produces more titles than most countries combined, perhaps even continents combined! World famous photographers? World renowned stylists? Global fashion brands? Renowned fashion schools like Central St Martins/F.I.T etc..? This is what Europe & to a lesser extent NYC has been building on for decades & decades. In recent years there's been a lot of international focus on Brazil & they need to capitalize on that & follow their own path & not one that's been laid down by London, Paris, Milan & NYC. If Russia can have the most critically acclaimed international Vogue edition then we can expect great things from Brazil at some point ... but it's gonna take a long long time before Sao Paulo is up there with London, Paris, Milan & NYC. I think M.I.B magazine is a great start & I hope it continues to grow [include some girls!] ... & that Brazilian Vogue hires M.I.B to give Aliona & Carine a run for their money! As for Brazilian agents scouting? Well, I would imagine 'NYC, Milan & Paris' are usually on their minds when they see a new face. That's the mens markets after all, that's where the publications & runways are to get their face out there & that's where the big money clients exist. It's a business, it's all about the $$$.

I think MIB magazine is a good seed which will grow and prosper. Quality has to be rewarded. You are doing an awesome, amazing job and I am very proud that it all comes from a fellow Brazilian.

I do hope you keep the focus exclusively on boys. And I am anxious to see the results of your hunt on the next edition of the magazine. Thanks so much for doing this.


are you still looking for models in brazil? heheheh
im not from the south. im from minas gerais (the middle)
actualy, from evandro city
see me at!/profile.php?id=100000502978197
(não custa tentar...)

Andrea missed the whole point of the NYTimes article, but that's OK, I guess. It was a chance to belittle the Brasilian fashion industry (and that of NY) with some Euro-superior b.s. As for Jamaica, I wouldn't even bother. The modelling scouts would probably get lynched by mobs shouting "kill the batty boys".

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