Stalking Diego Cristo


Yesterday in Recreio dos Bandeirantes. View more after the jump.




(Image Source: AgNews)


que tamanho de homem! heheheheheh

He shaved

Look at those legs. What a stud.

he shaved! thank god! looks hotter now!

Nice body and look at all that white, foamy water in the last pic!

Awesome body,and yes those legs are beautiful.The man is hot.

I looked up Diego and found that he
is about 31 years old. Certainly
not over the hill, but a little too
"mature" parami. Call me "chicken
hawk" if you like, but a model out
of the 20's does not have the same
dewy appeal as his younger cohorts.
To me at least. I am quite sure that
this is not going to keep Diego awake
at night. The fact that he has many
devoted admirers should keep him
blissfully snoozing.

I want the last picture for a mural in my bedroom, he´s gorgeous!

Oh, well, I want him in my bedroom.

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