Speedo Sunday


A little more of Bernardo Velasco photographed by Lucio Luna.


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Amazing body

he looks amazing in absolutely every picture

I laughed when I opened the page. :) Thank you, these are gorgeous.

He's obviously a very handsome guy with a great body, there's no denying that. However, I think he's a bit too commercial for high fashion ... I'm not 100% sure b/c with a different haircut/buzz cut & different pics I may change my mind.

I could lick the number 10 out of his body.

He's sensational!

Andrea's right -- he looks healthy and sexy, a gorgeous human being instead of a walking swizzle stick like "high fashion" seems to prefer. I hope he stays just like he is -- elegant and real.

His body heat seems to be discoloring his speedos.

Well, high fashion doesn't mean a 'swizzle stick'. Many fashion guys have amazing bodies, many of them featured on this site on a daily basis. The guys you see in D&G ads, Armani ads, Calvin Klein ads & everything else that's relatively high end including magazines are all fashion guys. His body is fine for fashion, it's just his general overall look is too commercial for fashion. I've since had a look at his book & if his agencies website is correct then he's way to short [1.77] for fashion anyway, so his look is irrelevant.

He is too perfect. I fall in love with every new Bernardo post. I think he truly is the personification of the ideal of male beauty right now: Not overly groomed but definitely groomed, not too rough and/or hairy but not too feminine and/or smooth, not too big and buff but definitely not skinny and frail. His beautiful eyes, killer smile and perfect heir also help I might add. More please!

So you're saying he's dammed to make speedo shoots for the rest of his modeling career? How can we ever get over this? So now I have to open mib first thing in the morning just to see his new pics every freaking day?

The cerebral types babble about his commercial potential or lack thereof none of which is relevant in his social relationships which should pose no hardship whatsoever to him. His beauty will always attract attention, and if he is more than a pretty face, powerfully seductive to men and women alike, a personality to match his physical attributes, should ensure him a happy life.

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