Raphael Lacchine Is Back From Milan


And I am loving that he hasn't shaved after his exclusive appearance at the Bottega Veneta show in Milan.

View more pictures after the jump.




New digitals of Raphael Lacchine courtesy of Mega Model Brazil.


how tall is he?

My beautiful baby lion. Love him.

So cute!

Hunnnn... Raphael Lacchine você é lindo, ahhh como eu queria um físico em minha vida. :D

What a big head!

Looks a bit like a younger, emaciated Paul Rudd. I prefer Rudd.

I agree Marcos. His head does seem unusually large in that last photo. Maybe an optical illusion.

Why is his head photoshopped?? Look at the second picture...the hand in the hair is a bad photoshop job. And the last photo is clearly photoshopped since a nobody's head is that large in proportion to his body.

I wonder what the motivation was to photoshop these pictures?

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