I Have Just Banned All Carbs From My Diet


New digitals of Carlos Freire. View more after the jump.





Pictures courtesy of 40 Graus Models.


unreal....nice lean body/but with mass....i think male models have gotten too skinny, thanks in part to the success of models like cole mohr, i like male models to look like men. Carlos is a flash back to the days when tyson beckford and other manly men ruled the fashion world.

i think i gonna print the first picture out and put it on my fridge, that will stop me from late night snacking.....

Dá pra notar que a falta de carboidrato altera muito o humor né?

Hot back, yum!

He has such a muscular lower back.

Modelos masculinos deveriam seguir esse exemplo, e não serem esguios como está sendo comum hoje em dia.

Obviously he has a good body & clearly is very dedicated to working out but I always think he looks too worked out. I think there are many guys like Jean, Raphael, Andre & even actors like Kayky, Caua etc who have better bodies. As for models being too skinny? It's not something new .. there's specific brands that go for very thin editorial guys, there's specific brands that go for thin but well built guys. Same goes for photographers. The funny thing is that there's very little difference between the really thin guys & the guys with gym bodies. Eg: CARLOS FREIRE - [H] 6' [C] 40" [W] 31" / COLE MOHR - [H] 6'2" [C] 38" [W] 30"

Thank you and thank you !!!

He is hot. No doubt. However, his body is somehow too extreme.

Carlos is just perfect, as always.


Whatever Carlos is eating, it's working for him!

What a beautiful man! His body is exquisite. He is as handsome as any man ever shown here at MIB. My birthday is coming soon. Now you all know what to get me.

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

He's amazing head to bulge! :)

Q puta corpo da hora !!! Perfeito - q cara lindo d+

he has the most beautiful body I ever seen so far...and very handsome too...he's simply perfect...I wish I am professional enough to have a photo session with him but I just started and can't afford to book him right now.

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