Marlon Teixeira For Made In Brazil Magazine #1


I received a lot of emails in the past couple of weeks asking me to post Marlon's pictures for the first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine, so here you go. Warning: the images after the jump may be a little too hot for work.



Now imagine that in 11"x15".

Thanks again to those of you who already purchased a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine #1, and who have emailed me pictures and comments. I really appreciate that many of you took the time to write me back after receiving the issue, and I guarantee you that we are already working hard to make sure the second one is going to even better (and also bigger).

We still have some copies left of the first issue, so pick up a copy at if you haven't already.

Please do not repost this story in its entirety. Limit image usage on any other site to 1 image. Image must be accompanied by a working link to Made In Brazil Magazine.


oh god,marlon is crazy hot

Great shots! (though it does look a little as if he's unsure as to what he'll find 'down there'. Surely he's looked before?)

Marlon doesn't have to wear laurel leaves to look like a Greek god!

He would seduce even Zeus, like Ganymedes did in the greek myths.

i was hoping to see at least one photo wherein his face can be seen well. Sometimes, it's the face that matters the most. :(

still, thanks :)


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