Hot Or Not? Paris Hilton Cashes In On SPFW


I know I said no posts about São Paulo Fashion Week, but I couldn't just ignore the fact that Paris Hilton flew to São Paulo yesterday with two chihuahuas, shot the Triton spring 2011 ad campaign in the afternoon, and then opened the label's show at night in her signature runway walk, and wearing different shoes from all the other models simply because she decided at the very last minute that she did not like the show shoes. Gotta love her for giving everyone here a run for their money and making they play by her rules.

And on the bright side, the one good thing about booking Paris is the certainty that she is the one celebrity who will never skip her own party, even if she shows up at 3 am.

View more pictures of Paris Hilton at the Triton show after the jump.



(Image Source: Oficina de Estilo's flickr)


She is so démodée

wow, she looks awful! What's up with that hair?

Why would any brand want her representing their product in a campaign? I don't really have anything against her but I'm not sure she brings anything positive to a brand.

She looks very artificial, like a Barbie doll or something. Made of plastic.

triton has issues. they used to have lovefoxxx as their muse and hilton. i think triton is bipolar

I just hope she made them pay for her private jet. I hope she soaked them for everything they've got. They deserve it.

love the way they did her hair to hide her wonky eye.



her hair looks like shit!

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