Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Bernardo Velasco By Lucio Luna


Just received exclusive new pictures of model Bernardo Velasco. View more after the jump. Warning: not entirely safe for work.






All pictures by Lucio Luna styled by Felipe Dornelles and Rodrigo Summer.

Please do not repost this story in its entirety. Limit image usage on any other site to 1 to 2 images. Images must be accompanied by a working link to this post and photographer credit. All images copyright Made In Brazil and Lucio Luna.


Wow, superb shots - he's gorgeous!

Wow, my laptop overheated and almost shut down when I clicked on these photos. This boy is absolutely delicious. Whoever takes him to bed must be in heaven.

The first photo is my favorite.

Wow, just amazing!

He has big balls.

If you're tired of soccer and basketball, it looks like Bernardo has a softball down his briefs that we could use!


Wow! There's a lot going on in that package!

That is probably one of the hottest (if not THE hottest) guy I've ever seen on here. I'll have to write that name down.

I LOVE guys that are right in the "middle" of the sexy body and looks..not TOO overdone and not under done :-)...and he falls for me right on the line....just amazing


As hot and amazingly perfect as everything looks, I think we can agree that bulge has been over photoshoped on the first pic. Right? Am I crazy? Are his balls really that big?

His balls are huge! And no, not the sports equipment...


The editing was great..stunning shots...this shoot was delightful.

Wish I could these editing done to my photos lol

WOW! What a body!!

Wow! he is stunning!!!

He really is amazing! But the "editing" of the bulge wasn't necessary...

That wasn't editing. He's had a pretty big package as far back as 2005 when he was featured in Terra's The Boy series. He did have have a wonky eye that seems to have improved. He just keeps on getting better and better, hotter and hotter! DAMN!

Why did they stuff his underwear...big no! no!

google images show he has big balls unless they are all photoshopped to the same extent guess the utube clip on there isnt photoshopped tho...

Oh, Bernardo...There is simply NO ONE hotter than you!

Bernardo stuffs his own underwear...no assistance is required!

Does anyone know if he's Jewish?
Or is the necklace simply for the photo shoot?
If so, I don't really see the reason why. If he is Jewish, he just went up 100 points in my book. :]

god these are just too gorgeous for words

He's gorgeous, he really is.
He should work more on his legs, they look skinny compared with his torso.
But he's so beautiful

Gosh, why a man like that never happens in front of me? hahaha

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