Exclusive Outtakes Of Edilson For Made In Brazil Magazine #1


To get you through the weekend: a series of outtakes from Edilson Nascimento's photo shoot for the first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine. Warning: not entirely safe for work.





Fyi, Edilson was the first model we shot for the issue, and that is actually his own judo uniform in the pictures.

To get one a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine #1, visit madeinbrazilmag.com.

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OMG ... getting better ....

love these shots. i bet it was hard picking which ones to put in the magazine haha :) i love my mag!!

dilf. sorry had to say that.

I never get tired of looking at Edilson. Even his outtakes are mesmerizing. Lol

I would like to have a fight with him. Without any clothes, of course!

That Daddy just keeps getting hotter.

Wow, he's not wearing much is he! Gorgeous as ever :)

Great to see Edilson back in action again!

can he look hotter

I have NEVER seen him look better...and if he takes judo , TONY will have to look into that sport..I need protection :-)


I missed Edilson... So sexy!

he's WAY hot. it was a nice surprise to see him on the mag. miss him

Nossa, me joga no tatami!!!!

This guy should be in movies..or is he already? Where can I buy a dvd? lol

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