Don't Call My Name... Evandro


Love the cameo by Evandro Soldati in Lady Gaga's new video for Alejandro. Watch the video after the jump.


he is the best, he deserves it.

Express Yourself(Madonna) + Erotica (Madonna) + Like A Prayer (Madonna)+ Not Myself Tonight(Aguilera) + Did It Again(Shakira)+ Destroy Everything (Ladytron) = Alejandro (Gaga)

I love Gaga and her songs... and I love to see her feelings for us (come on, this video is totally gay power)... but... is she really powerfull just like we think she is or is just another well done production?

Hummmm... In doubt, I prefer to see Evandro's body. hahaha

Call my name Evandrooooooo, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! =P

More fluffy pop designed for Faggylang... ugh.

I knew that face was familiar :)

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