And That's Why We Love Him


Guess who was in São Paulo this weekend and posed for us with a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine #1?

Evandro was the most talked about model in the country this past week thanks to his cameo in Lady Gaga's Alejandro. Read an interview with him at FFW.

For 18 pages with Evandro wearing nothing but a rosary, pick up the first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine. We only have a few copies left in stock.


so cute

International purchases can be a mess(I'm a guy who lives in México city buy a lot of things on websites like amazon and some times the items arrive 2 or 3 months after the arrival date,I'm also suscribed to american men's health at usually takes a while to get it in my home),I think it would be an amazing idea to made the Made in Brazil magazine on a digital format and instead of buy the magazine and get it sended to your country you can pay a like a membership and dowload the magazine from the site or something like that.

So cute and adorable. I want to hug him and thank him for existing.

Tell him that he's still the #1.
It's incredible,those eyes are so pure,you can tell he's a great person.
It's Fact,Eyes Don't Lie.

Wow, he's looking good there. :)

I already write a blog which is updated daily with different news and images, so with the magazine I like the idea that we are creating content which is exclusive to print, and in a very limited edition. We are not creating a mass market product nor do we intend to. We are developing a niche publication which in is much more a photo book and a collector's item than an actual magazine. We intend on keeping on moving forward in that direction.

For customers worried about postal service delays, we have also shipped the magazine via Fedex for an additional charge when requested.

International purchases are dependent on the countries they're going between, some countries mail service is super fast, some countries like Brazil & Italy take ages. My birthday cards from Brazil always arrive weeks after my birthday! Evandro's one of the few who I think looks better in shoots than in candids. He has such a strong face that in candids it can be so severe ... He kinda disappeared for a while, I'm glad he's back.

My experience with delivery was excellent, I'm in England and my copy arrived just 8 days after ordering. It's a beautiful collection, there's something much nicer about having a paper version than looking at the pictures online. And it's proved very popular with my friends!

hes so pretty!

stunning guy

Imagine how proud his parents must be, for having created such a divine, god-like creature.

I ordered a copy of Made in Brazil Magazine #1 on May 28th and still have not yet received it here in the USA.

Just curious, there are no full frontal pictures of Evandro in the Magazine right?

No full frontal, but it is the only time he's ever posed nude for an entire magazine spread.

And btw, all international orders are mailed always a day after payment is made.

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