A Full Range Of Men's Skirts For Spring 2011


Men's skirts are the new short shorts. At Comme des Garçons, Raf Simons, And Romain Kremer.


Pretty dresses!...Wrong gender models!

the pink model was clearly inspired by Geisy Arruda

okay, let's be honest with ourselves...ALL of these looks are absolutely horrible. There is nothing ironic or inspired with any of these frocks!


I LIVE IN NYC, IN THE VILLAGE and would have SECOND thoughts about wearing a dress out my front building,I KID YOU NOT.... I am liking the skull one but with some alterations done,to make it a bit more masculine looking..I would wear that to the Opera at Lincoln Center and MAN O MAN..their EYES would pop out of their heads!...they already DO NOW with what I wear..I am the complete opposite of conservatism when it comes to fashion..so when you go out with me..plan on me being extremely colorful but NOT "clown like"!..I LOVE COLOR!


Designers keep trying to get men to wear skirts and men keep rejecting that idea. When will the designers learn?

That being said, that last look would be very nice if the skirt was turned into shorts.

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