Topshop in Brazil, Francisco Lachowski, And A New Set By Felipe Lira


"Now let's hope that the prices in reais will be equivalent to the prices in dollars"

Being a British store it's actually cheaper in the UK compared to the NYC store ... so you better be hoping the prices will be equivalent to the prices in Sterling & not dollars!

I have a feeling that if they were too charge the same in reais as what they charge in dollar/pounds, it simply wouldn't be exclusive enough for those who "matter" in Brazil. Bad marketing - as crazy as it sounds.

I still find it disturbing how stores which are rather budgety abroad such as Top Shop and American Apparel, go to Brazil and install themselves in malls/streets usually reserved to the likes of Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Tiffany... AND often charge 3 times more in Brazil than what they charge abroad. SO WRONG.

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