Too Hot For Monday: Cauã Reymond And Kayky Brito



The new prime time soap Passione premieres tonight. The pictures above of Cauã Reymond and Kayky Brito shooting the soap in São Paulo over the weekend should be reason enough to tune in.



(Image Source: AgNews)


I have always seen a lot of bulges at MIB, but these last few posts are setting new records. I can see everything! Spheres and cylinders!

Whoever had the brilliant idea of casting these 2 actors for these roles should deserve a raise.


Well I shut my mouth..but the second bulge,I mean pic,is impressive.
Yes Lucius,we can see everything,but it's a stunning everything,so thanks MIB!
By the way Cauã is really beautiful,what a face.Not to mention the rest:)

they practicly posed naked for the paparazzis. W.O.W.

One is "lefty" and the other one "righty" ;)

Bulges certainly seem to be appearing more frequently here on MIB. This is a trend that I'm sure most would like to see continue. :)

Caua has a nice package in the first pic

Lucius, Lucius-- your words are mine, too! Muito obrigado!

Never have I seen such a display of something that I'd love to be treated to!

Yes, Ed, bulges are beautiful!

Lord have mercy! Um, may I have express-delivery on those packages, please?

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