Too Cute For Monday: Gabriel Burger


If you have already checked out the new promotional site for Made In Brazil Magazine #1, you have probably noticed that we have an Introducing link with pictures of five newcomers. One of them is Gabriel Burger, who I hope we'll also get to shoot for the second issue as soon as Ford São Paulo brings him back from Spain.

I feel that the publication should have a compromise with new talent, so expect to see a couple of pages dedicated to new boys on every upcoming issue. For the first one, we picked five boys that we love at the moment and photographed them with actual Polaroid film.

Made In Brazil Magazine #1 is already available for purchase online at


What a lovely costume!
It's surely a great idea to dedicate some pages to newcomers.

I wish you had something in mind for new photographers too.
I would love to be part of such amazing project.

He is cute, but I need a close up of his face in order to be 100% sure of his gorgeousness....

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